Food & Preparation

Food & Preparation

Teddy’s tries to source as much local produce as possible, varying from free-range chicken, rare-breed meats, locally grown vegetables and local dairy producers with all fish being caught by local fleets. We also source our vast selection of wines from around the world by award winning artisan producers.

Why buy local?

Northern Ireland produces some of the best food – worldwide
Our transportation produces a low carbon footprint
Seasonal gathering offers food at the best time of year
Minimal travel time ensures freshnessand quality
Supporting local producerssupports the economy

It’s amazing what can be grown locally, and once you taste the difference you’ll agree. Drew Frasier has been working closely with Chefs to source an array of delicious vegetables including carrots, parsnips, broccoli, fennel, broad beans, purple sprouting broccoli, pumpkins, butternut squash, a selection of seasonal salad and leeks to name but a few and can ensure that freshness and quality is absolutely paramount: pesticide-freeand produced with traditional growing methods.Teddy’s Vegetables are provided by Drew Fraiser

For some time our customers have been asking us for locally produced, old style, free rangechicken. Although there has been an explosion of interest in keeping chickens at home and on small farmholdings, finding this type of bird in sufficient quantities for our customers has been no mean feat.After searching high and low, across Ireland, we came to the conclusion that the only way to fulfill our customers expectations was to grow our own. We are therefore proud to introduce the Crossgar Free Range Chicken.Animal welfare is extremely important to us, so bespoke straw barnswere designed and built to house the Crossgar Free Range Chickens. The birds are free to roam over the green fields of County Down and at night come home to roost where they have access to specially blended non GM, Free Rangefood and fresh water. The result of all this work is reassuringly good chicken, taste it and see – theres no going back!Teddy’s Poultry is provided by Crossgar Provenance Collection

Established in 2004 N.I Trawlermens Trading Co. Ltd was formed and is maintained by local fishermen for local fishermen . Our main aim is to provide a voice for our members and also to promote our fish and shellfish which is amongst the best in the world. With members in Ardglass and Kilkeel we are based in the fishing capital of the peninsula ‘Portavogie’ where our fish shop , chandlery store and office can be found.

Our fishing heritage is of great importance , as it is one of our islands remaining renewable natural resources . We fisherman are the husbandmen of the sea toiling in a hostile environment on a daily basis to ensure you enjoy the Harvest Of Our Sea.

Trawlermens Catch(our fishsales dept) enables you to access our produce direct from the trawler to your table . By doing so you will help to support this dwindling industry which is battling to survive but with your help we can, against the odds.

Phesants Hill pork – from farm to table

We passionately believe that rearing pigs well – allowing them to grow slowly, to roam freely and to eat properly – produces the very best, tastiest pork. To give you an insight into the journey of your meat from farm to table, here’s what happens with our pigs.Born on the farm- All our pork, bacon and hams start life as piglets born on our farm in Killyleagh, County Down. We do not buy in pigs to fatten for meat from any other producers or farmers.Always outside- Our pigs are reared 100% outdoors. They live with their mothers until they are 15 weeks old, and with their brothers and sisters all their lives.Fed on high quality feed- We have fed our pigs for many years on high quality pig meal, produced by John Thompson and Son Ltd. Thompsons are the largest and most reputable animal feed producer in Northern Ireland. They are the only Northern Ireland large scale importer of the oats, barley and soya meal that is milled to make up the rations fed to our pigs. Their mill at York Road in Belfast is state of the art, and complies with the highest quality control procedures.Allowed to mature- At about 50 weeks of age our pigs are taken in a small trailer to Dunbia’s abattoir in Cullybackey, County Antrim. All our pigs are tattooed with our unique farm number. These same numbered pig carcases are delivered back to our own butchers shop in Comber.Butchered by us- We butcher the pork by hand, make all the sausages and cure and smoke all the bacon and hams ourselves on our own premises.Teddy’s pork is provided by Phesant’s Hill

Mussels are one of the most natural products in Northern Ireland, and as such we treat and prepare them just as they deserve: from the A-Grade waters of Strangford Lough(one of the only such sites in the country) to the kitchen.Sub Aqua Cultureoffer the only ‘roap cultured mussel’ in Northern Ireland, catching them in their larval form after allowing them to grow away from the intertidal zone, ensuring there is no dirt or gritformed over the period.

After 32 years in the business, wine merchant James Nicholsonhas built a reputation for offering the rarest, finest and best-value wines from around the world. Working closely with growers who share a similar philosophy, the company truly believes in selling exceptional wines at fair prices. Located in Crossgar, Co. Down, the business has a prestigious customer base. Its efficient and speedy delivery service operates throughout Ireland.The young, energetic and enthusiastic staff, have a first-rate wine knowledgeand keep customers informed about any limited release and outstanding wines they have managed to obtain.Wine Magazine commended the company for “high standards, keen pricing and an interest in small producers…” and it continued, “Fortunately for wine lovers who are not resident in County Down, JN has an excellent mailing list.””Effortlessly the finest wine merchant in the country”
– Bridgestone Irish Food GuideTeddy’s wines are provided by JN Wines
Milk and other dairy products

Draynes Farms based in the rural outskirts of Lisburn City was established in 1932. A family business now in its second generation began milk deliveries on a horse and cart working their way round local streets offering fresh farm milk poured straight from the churn. Milking twice daily from our own herd of prime Holstein Friesians we are still as committed to quality dairy produce now nearly eighty years later.We have kept the taste of our milk close to the traditional farm milk which was noted for its smooth, creamy taste. This commitment to outstanding quality has endeared us to many of Northern Irelands leading restaurants such as Teddy’s where quality food is paramount.